When Cyrus Goo (manager) asked his staff if they noticed anything different about the tables, the reply was: "Did the floor level itself out?"
Café Laufer in Honolulu Hawaii.

"From day one as soon as I got them in the mail I installed them and have been very happy. I installed them myself and didn't need a man's help."
Sherri McQuilkin, manager of Shipwreck Cafe in Tacoma Washington.

"We have a very uneven tile floor and this has stopped all my tables from wobbling. I'm very happy."
Arthur Zweig, manager of Arby's Roast Beef in Ventura, California.

"They work wonderfully. We have a wood floor and nothing was ever level before."
Hank Lumpkin, manager of Boss Hawg's Bar-b-que in Topeka Kansas.

"TABLE SHOX™ are the single best thing we have ever bought for the restaurant!"
Scott Arnold, manager of Dusty's Cellar in Okemos Michigan.

"We've had wobbly tables for 20 years up until now."
Matt Lawrence, manager of Union Grill in Washington Pennsylvania.

"They work great and it ends a long headache that I had with my tables."
Tom Clarke, manager of Daybreak in Glastonbury Conneticut.

"My patio tables were the bain of my existence!"
Milos Indic, manager of Black Bear Pub in Vancouver, BC.